Fixing the future and workshop with PEMB

Last week we were invited by our client (PEMB) to participate in the event “Fixing the Future”, organized by Atlas of the Future in partnership with Holaluz, that took place at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCBB). It worked like a meeting, with a series of activities and more than 40 innovators from all over the world discussing subjects related to biodiversity, food and farming, care of the ocean, waste – of food and plastic -, the cities and the climate crisis. Among the professionals present at the event, we could hear from renowned chefs, to architects and also surfers of the big waves, sharing their perspective about the future focusing in these issues described above.

We started the day listening to couple short speeches of chefs that lead change around the world. After their speeches, they started to discuss some aspects that each one spoke about, making it possible to find common points about their perspectives regarding the whole environment of the Food System. In the end, people were able to participate asking questions about anything that came to their minds, creating an opened discussion and collaboration between the professionals and the audience. We would like to emphasize the presence of the Brazilian chef, Alex Atala, because we found many of the things he said very interesting and touching, and he made us reflect properly. In a very simple way, he could make us realize about the power and importance of the connection between humans and food. Because if we are disconnected, we won’t have value on what we eat, so we must change the way we see the food. That’s why, he says, “the flavor it’s actually the only gift we take forever from a place. It is unforgettable.” It is to say that the culture is responsible for provoking in people the desire to connect with a place. Also, he talked about the intuition – it comes from memory, whether good or bad – and is much more assertive than we think.

After that, we listened to other speeches of other professionals – like farmers, local producers, independent chefs – talking about “how we produce what we eat”. Again, we could see different perspectives of people that live in completely different parts of the world, but still we realized that they all share a common feature: the passion for what they do. It’s what moves them. Yes, it could be very hard sometimes, but once you go with all your heart in search of what you believe, you’ll be able to reach people by telling meaningful stories, making them think differently and also awakening in them the interest to create innovative and amazing things that could impact a whole society.

To finish our incredible immersion in this event, our client invited us to participate in the workshop they were giving, “Sobre la Taula”, to present the principles of the “Carta Alimentària” that is linked to the PEMB and encourages participants to be aware of the completion of the approval process and adhesions. We and all the others participants were split into groups to work in the five principles of #pembarcelona: long-term vision; metropolitan region of Barcelona; ODS; positive message; quintuple helix (public administration, private sector/food clusters, universities/research centers, civil society/citizens platforms, and social media).

We enjoyed a lot to participate in this workshop beside our client and people we didn’t know before. We could notice a little bit what and how they think about the Food System, what they consider important to change, how is their relationship with food, which changes they think are necessary and so on. It was a pleasurable “networking moment” and at the same time we were very attentive to every detail and reaction of the people during all the activities we had. Most of them were proper citizens of Barcelona, so it was super useful to have this sharing with people that actually feel and are aware of the metropolitan ambit of Barcelona, so then we could have some ideas and insights to increase our project.

So, through shocking and beautiful stories we could notice the diversity we all can have while talking about doing things in different ways to literally change our lives. And also, once we are collaborating we have more power to achieve a greater future for us to live and also for the others that will come to this world that can be wonderful, it just depends on ourselves.


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